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Bryan Beller: View
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Onion Boy Records Preferred Online Retailers

Bryan Beller's debut solo album View is available for purchase through the fine online retailers listed below. The links will take you directly to the View page on whichever site you choose.

Want your View digitally? Click here to go directly to Bryan Beller's View iTunes page!

Domestic Preferred Retailers (** indicates OK for international shipment)

Audiophile Imports
Long-time friends of both myself and Keneally, and a great source for music by people who actually know how to play their instruments. (Just use the search function for "beller".)

CD Baby**
The kings of online independent music distribution. Very kind folks as well. I actually played in a college band with the founder, Derek. Nice guy. Nice company.

Guitar Nine Records
Online since 1996, specializing in instrumental guitar recordings of all shapes, sizes, and colors. (Don't tell 'em it's a bassist's solo album.)

The Artist Shop
Long time supporters of independent music for serious music enthusiasts. Look for a listing on the Mike Keneally's Exowax Recordings page.

Abstract Logix
You gotta love an online retailer whose slogan is "The Search For Extraterrestrial Fusion." Who knew that View could qualify for such an exciting new genre? Very interesting site to browse, not just to shop.

Syn-Phonic Music
Utah's progressive rock aficionado Greg Walker has one of the most
comprehensive, internationally oriented music catalogs I've ever seen, and View is a part of it. Click here to go straight to the ordering
instructions page, but don't forget to browse.

Taylor Guitars
Talk about crucial support - if it wasn't for this company's AB-4 Acoustic/Electric Bass, three of the tunes on the album (and perhaps the entire album) would never have seen the light of day. All that, and they're selling the CD from their website, too. Go to Taylorware, click on Videos & CD's, then click on Taylor Clinician CD's.

Pro-Found Music
The online retail storefront of a special division of Favored Nations, Steve Vai's label. Not a bad place to be, methinks.

It's their world, we all just shop in it.

International Preferred Retailers

G & S Music
Based in the U.K., and friends of all Zappa and muso-related music fans and artists. Right now, the only place in the U.K. to get View without waiting for Trans-Atlantic shipment - and they're in stock now! Find the listing HERE and find order instructions HERE.

Holland is a special place for lots of loosely connected Zappa-philes, and the Dutch demand has been significant enough to warrant a special deal with one of Holland's most well-known and respected online music stores. If you're in The Netherlands, now get domestic shipment of View just by clicking here.

Australian guitar music enthusiast and Fret Net radio DJ Steve Passiouras took it upon himself to launch a digital music store after his listeners starting asking where they could buy what they were hearing. If you're an Aussie, why not support a local bloke? If you're not, I'm thinking he'll still sell to you.

Having trouble ordering View? Write us and tell us about it. We'll make it all better! (Well, we'll try)

View Official Promotional Copy (aka H.Y.P.E.)

Long known as a uniquely talented yet tasteful hired gun bassist for the more adventurous rock guitarists of recent times (Mike Keneally, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Wayne Kramer), Bryan Beller ventures out on his own with his debut solo album, View.

Far from aspiring to bass heroism, Beller instead builds a carefully crafted emotional tapestry of interweaving themes and styles - a true album in the old-fashioned sense. Drawing on influences as disparate as John Scofield and Rage Against The Machine, Michael Landau and Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails and his mentor, Mike Keneally, the resulting body of work runs the gamut from hardcore jazz/rock to vocal pop to world beat while somehow staying thematically intact, all the while displaying equal parts density and sensitivity, melody and dissonance, tranquility and furious release.

Produced by Bryan Beller
Recorded and mixed by Nick D'Virgilio

Bryan Beller - bass, keyboards, piano, lead vocals
Mike Keneally - guitar, Hammond organ, background vocals
Rick Musallam - guitar, background vocals
Griff Peters - guitar
Yogi - guitar
Jeff Babko - Hammond organ, piano
Joe Travers - drums
Toss Panos - drums
Colin Keenan - lead vocals
Nick D'Virgilio - background vocals
Wes Wehmiller - rhythm bass guitar
Tricia Steel - vibraphone
Fausto Cuevas - percussion
Sean Bradley - violin
Dmitri Kourka - viola
Dave Takahashi - cello

Track listing
1. Bear Divide
2. Seven Percent Grade
3. Supermarket People
4. Elate
5. Get Things Done
6. Backwoods
7. Bite
8. Eighteen Weeks
9. Projectile
10. Wildflower
11. No
12. See You Next Tuesday
13. View

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